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Take a dose, seven more
Gonna feel it, what for?
This time I’m doing it right
Can’t wait until it kicks in tonight

Static air surrounds me
My knees are bricks
I dry heave
I think I like it
But who can deny it?

Can’t blink, can’t urinate
Done over, medicate
Start me off, clean slate
Start me off, clean slate

Swallow one then why not take me home?
It’s either four or I’ll end up alone
Swallow one then why not take me home?
To the drawer – pop the seal
Automatic doors – the feeling’s so real
Cough medicine – the only appeal

Got up to throw up
Drowsy with no energy
The strings are really pulling me
Only way a prescription for free

Enhancing marginally
Regretting everything
The strings are really choking me
Pharmaceuticals profiting

One more day to go, wear down dose, wear down dose

Wear down dose


from Pharma Soup, released July 29, 2015
Music: C. Martin



all rights reserved


Suburban Moms Ventura, California

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