by Suburban Moms

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Demonstration release of indeterminable amount of CD-R's in white paper sleeves with 4 pages of lyrics on 8.5 x 11 inch computer paper. B&W.


released December 31, 2011

Chris Goodrich - Bass
Mike Hurst - Guitar
Cory Martin - Guitar
Nigel Wellington - Vocals
*Shay Gutierrez played drums for these recordings
Recorded at practice space in Santa Paula, California by Nick Townsend
Mixed by above said human



all rights reserved


Suburban Moms Ventura, California

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Track Name: An Honest Man Walking Around a Question He Doesn't Want to Answer
Filling empty root canals
With sugar-free breath mints
Blinding myself, staring up the sun
From red to green, I feel sick
I want a gun to solve all these problems

Blistering heels like stilts I'm walking
Overly agreeing
Always, always, always nodding
Happily endorsing your shortcomings
I'm sick to the teeth bleeding calcium spots
I'm foaming, foaming
Why isn't it normal
Maybe I'll die sooner/Maybe he'll live longer

Due for another dental cavity
Warming my thighs with 9 volt batteries
Listening to words that hold excessive worries
Setting myself on fire to be
So god damned concerning

An honest man, an honest man, an honest man
Walking around a question
Track Name: Intellectual Shell
Instantly, euphoria gets over me
Remains the depressants cowering below
Neutralized in my center

How worthless I feel
How worthless I go
How worthless I am
How worthless I fell
When I'm all alone

Where do I go

Adapting to the present
Grasping the norm
How worthless I feel
When I'm at home

Bury my face
I'm a rebirthing catacomb
Discovering evidence
I wouldn't want to know
I wouldn't want to know

Where did I go

Locked inside a world
Label unknown

I can't breathe, I can't breathe
Give me more money
I just want more money
I just want some money