Pharma Soup

by Suburban Moms

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released July 29, 2015

Instrumentation by Christopher Goodrich, Benjamin Hament, Michael Hurst & Cory Martin. Vocalization by Nigel Juam Wellington. Additional percussion by Michael Morris. Multi-track recording took place at the Townsend Annex between the months of March & December of 2012. Nick Townsend engineered, produced, mixed, mastered and cut these recordings. Additional production by Suburban Moms.



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Suburban Moms Ventura, California

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Track Name: Nightrip
Take a dose, seven more
Gonna feel it, what for?
This time I’m doing it right
Can’t wait until it kicks in tonight

Static air surrounds me
My knees are bricks
I dry heave
I think I like it
But who can deny it?

Can’t blink, can’t urinate
Done over, medicate
Start me off, clean slate
Start me off, clean slate

Swallow one then why not take me home?
It’s either four or I’ll end up alone
Swallow one then why not take me home?
To the drawer – pop the seal
Automatic doors – the feeling’s so real
Cough medicine – the only appeal

Got up to throw up
Drowsy with no energy
The strings are really pulling me
Only way a prescription for free

Enhancing marginally
Regretting everything
The strings are really choking me
Pharmaceuticals profiting

One more day to go, wear down dose, wear down dose

Wear down dose
Track Name: Turning Schools into Stones
I’ve been around the town again
Out this compound
Protecting the Promised Land
As a conscript with a mortar round

Gravity goes one way
It falls down

Pick up your rocks, thumb through the rubble and
Educate the crowd
Grab my hand baby, lets getaway
We’re losing ground

We live behind our own Iron Wall
From maltreatment
We’ll face the guards and pray “Allah”
With forged permits

We’ve got one narrow way
And it’s out

Since we can’t transmit from our niche
We’re caged by Sharon
Gridlocked by our foes
Thru the guise of ancient odes

If there’s land to be had
Then leave us here alone
My home is now my stone…
Track Name: Intellectual Shell
Instantly, euphoria gets over me
Remains the depressants cowering below
Neutralized in my center

How worthless I feel
How worthless I go
How worthless I am
How worthless I feel
When I’m all alone

Where do I go

Adapting to the present
Grasping the norm
How worthless I feel
When I’m at home

Bury my face
I’m a rebirthing catacomb
Discovering evidence
I wouldn’t want to know
I wouldn’t want to know

Where did I go

Locked inside a world
Label unknown

I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe
Give me more money
I just want more money
I just want some money
Track Name: You're Awake
Sleeping in, idle and dead
Where there aren’t dreams, it’s oblivion
Waking up, it’s never too late
Get off the bed, you do something about it

Awake, you’re awake
And it must feel great
Awake, you’re awake
And you must feel great

A breathing corpse
Thinking weighs you down
Looking so spiff like everybody else
Resorting to the floor
You’re searching for the door
But the people you’ve trusted most
They’ve got you exactly where you are


Your parents govern you
Are their heads askew?
Rely on your ego alone
To get you fucked
You could care less about famine and
People who are starving
You prance about
Feeling sorry for the needy
Who cares
Until it affects you

Track Name: Selfish Chore
I’m never proud
Walk over everything
When I go to you
Don’t think that I just want something
Or if I want to change my ways
That it will amount to nothing

There’s a well inside my head
But it never flows out
I’m fucking dry

Dull as anything
Say that I’m this way
It’s to say that I never was
Oh, your head is out of place
It’s crowding the air, diluting words
And changing your face

I conceal these things
What am I about?

This room is only so big
I’d cut mine off
This room is only so big
I’d cut mine off to ours both fit
Now am I so selfish?
Now I don’t want to be there
I’m no longer here

Sometimes we lie to make our lives
Sound great
Not in my case…
Track Name: Dish Out
When its around there’s food in the house

When I finally leave
Then they’ll just move out
Drive south and disappear in a cloud
Start a business, open up a store
Live the happiest life doing her chores
Walk the dog, smile at each other
“What a life fucking your mother”

Boarded her kids off the home
He’s leaving messages on our phone
Acting smaller than his dick
Where her third husband use to live

Never made her happy
She only grew bored
Went out on weekends going to the store
Stability was her only wish
It only lasted months after she got it

Finally, it’s our last dish
Not until it got in
Destroyed siblings, psychotic brother
On the verge for a divorce lawyer

Now I eat and weigh things out
It’s the probable turn out
If I can’t like everyone
Then I won’t love anyone

Habit, looking out the window
I’ve reached a crescendo
Grab it before I’m seen oh
I can’t stand another day of this

I’ve had it, I’ve had it
I’m jumping out the window
Who cares about being so shallow
I slip out without being seen
So I can’t stand another day of this
I can’t stand another day of this
Track Name: Pecking Around
I can’t help, I can’t leave
Rid me clean ‘til I’m empty

I don’t complain
The pressure builds
So I create jealousy
You wreck me with my own words
But I do it to myself

I ride the neurotic wave
Don’t knock me off

So this time this means work
I can’t hold back/I won’t hold back
So refreshed from brainwashing
Faith won’t help
Don’t get caught up around me
You won’t get out
So set the anchor out

Distance, persistent
Alternatives for reality
I’ll disappear since nobody cares

I don’t want, I don’t want
I don’t want, I don’t want
Get out of me

Lets live in peace
Sing in harmony
Patch up the seams

I’ll do it myself
Track Name: What You Want
Thousand volts of electricity keeps you in your place
Penetrate and listen
Try to make plans and do something
But your span of attention is a burden
Children with thin skulls
So their parents buy them phones
Or leave ‘em in front the TV
Our lives are so amusing

Radiate, ache in our brain
Our generation’s gonna disintegrate

“Youth is the future”
There won’t be one
When we’re engulfed by radiation
Now, kids resort to the simple life
Branded chips like a cell device
Science is over time
So keep the future blind
As long as it’s controlled
We all buy what we’re told

Radiate, ache in our brain
Our generation’s on a fast food chain

Let’s dumb down our minds
You want what you want
What you want, what you want
Let’s waste more time
You want what you want
What you want, what you want

What you can’t have
Track Name: Bowel Removements
Life is competition
Better race to the top or else get thrown off
Plant your feet in the green now
If you’re not like me then maybe you should be
Take nothing for granted
While I take everything from you

Cheating is winning but losing is gaining
If you see me deflating
Pull the air pressure valve now
It’s not hard work to be where I am
Get a family name and a few bailouts

I don’t believe in progress on Main Street
Or those useless tax hikes for the wealthy
You ask me for something to eat
You’re either living or dying
There’s no in-between

As easy it comes, simple it goes
I represent the top-living-hard-working folks
I know it may seem like I don’t care
It’s true
I’m an over privileged ignoramus heir
Track Name: A Land Fashion
What a beautiful-historical Hutash Indian sight
Sit with shade under trees
It suits the homeless just fine
Is this the kind of fiesta we all had in mind?
Desperate beggars nagging passersby

Leeching for some change
Roll me up a joint
Is this history?
Making its point -No

Where did all the industry come then go?
Factory dress the beach in smoke
We surf in bottles
Pesty-health field day, post-card community
We’re stupid like the pundits who adorn their shallow bodies

Pertinacious heads
TelePrompTer™ fed
Artificial facts
Spewing out their ass -Ew

Vacant parking lots
Now, a housing tract
Big Oil paint is globs
While your land is fracked -Yeah

Town center super stores
Makeover bookstores
Our community is made a whore
Track Name: Third Party Thief
Jump on the ticket!
Ballot reforms
Abort a fetus before it’s born
Adopt me, slander for cheap
Then, let 14 be carried out equally

Third party belief
You’re a thief
Initiatives on the brink
Chew them up, vote ‘em out
How does that sound for change?

My new measures I’m taking to the ground
‘Cause that tastes better going down
Tax you for ads picket my campaign
That’s the same petition I’ll make you sign – game!

Re-write you limiting choices
Re-write you I’m silencing voices

Be quiet – it’s my time to shine
You’ll be fine

Major party
I can’t believe
How many ideas you delete
When you chew them up and force them down
For the same sponsors you built your platform around

We stomp on my ground
Everything is coming around
From checks to approval ratings
The partisans dimes' never shortchanging

I’m here for change just like you
Affiliate our candidates
So no one gets confused

I keep the list thin
Who’s not on won’t go in
Independents aren’t lobbyists
We keep it at two
So the interest throws parties again
Track Name: Boonie
She breathes, I seethe
When we’re home, we’re alone
We drink, codeine
My friend, I’m hard again

She’s so comfortable and I’ll show her sympathy
I’ve built us shelter to preserve our bed sheets
The press they take me so god damn seriously
When you have each other you don’t feel so empty

Touch her hair, with leather gloves
I’m getting scared, I’m gonna cum
All I do, is wash you
I don’t feel, pile of mud

She’s so comfortable and I’ll show her sympathy
I’ve built us shelter to preserve the bed sheets
The press they take me so god damn seriously
We’ve got each other out here inside our boonie