Bowel Removements

from by Suburban Moms



Life is competition
Better race to the top or else get thrown off
Plant your feet in the green now
If you’re not like me then maybe you should be
Take nothing for granted
While I take everything from you

Cheating is winning but losing is gaining
If you see me deflating
Pull the air pressure valve now
It’s not hard work to be where I am
Get a family name and a few bailouts

I don’t believe in progress on Main Street
Or those useless tax hikes for the wealthy
You ask me for something to eat
You’re either living or dying
There’s no in-between

As easy it comes, simple it goes
I represent the top-living-hard-working folks
I know it may seem like I don’t care
It’s true
I’m an over privileged ignoramus heir


from Pharma Soup, released July 29, 2015
Music: M. Hurst



all rights reserved


Suburban Moms Ventura, California

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